Here at Ash vs Evil Dead, we’re pent up worse than a sailor at sea. We’re frisky, willing, and exploding…with creative energy.  So when we finally hit port in 2015 with Season 1, we popped a blue pill and went downtown. But it wasn’t enough. Oh no. We’d been away for too long! We asked ourselves, “How do you make up for so much time?” We didn’t know what to do, but a fortune cookie had the answer. “Go bigger in 2016” it said. So we did.


We can only travel in two directions, one of them’s the local watering hole and the other’s this marketing gig. We went to the former one night, notes were scrawled on a paper, and we ended up waking up at the latter. We think. Whatever the facts might say, let’s just all agree that we didn’t overthink this. Like Cyndi Lauper, we just wanted to have fun, because if we are then that’ll reflect in the content and into the community, right? That’s basically it. Basically...


We knew we liked this gal called Instagram. And we knew we wanted to show her a good time. We couldn’t buy her a drink, impress her with our man girdle-enhanced libido, or regale her with fuzzy tales of heroism. But toys...she seemed the kinky nerdy type to like those, and NECA made some kickass figures for us. So we shot some pictures of toys in compromising positions (not what you think), laughed, and decided to keep on doing it. 


We expanded our toy pics into full-blown multi-asset story arcs, incorporating both images and native video, pop culture references, and winks towards our most core fans. The cast loved the idea, too, and jumped at the opportunity to give us a hand and pose alongside the figures and promote everyone’s hard work....toying with toys.